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We are Expert Cleaning LLC. Whether you need our top-rated House Washing, or our Roof Washing, we’ve got you covered. We are proud to offer our services to Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Bridgeport, Cheshire, Derby, Easton, Fairfield, Guilford, Hamden, Madison, Milford, Monroe, Naugatuck, New Haven, North Branford, North Haven, Norwalk, Orange, Oxford, Prospect, Seymour, Shelton, Stratford, Trumbull, Wallingford, West Haven Weston, Westport, and Woodbridge.

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We offer house washing procedures that are safe, effective, and dependable for your home.

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Pressure washing the exterior surfaces around your property is one of the most efficient and cost-effective activities that you can do, to rid your exterior surfaces of unsightly dirt and grime.

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We have the equipment and the advanced training needed to clean all types of roofing materials in a safe and effective manner. 

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If you are ready for a deck cleaning service that is reliable, transformative, and affordable, then please contact Expert Cleaning LLC. We are excited to hear from you!

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Local. Trusted. Family Owned.

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Serving New Haven, Milford, West Haven, Waterbury, Meriden, Fairfield County and the surrounding areas.

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Expert Cleaning FAQs

No, they are not the same. Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning method that uses detergents and water to clean the surface of your home. This method is perfect for cleaning surfaces that are delicate or cannot withstand high-pressure washing, such as wood, vinyl, and roofs.


Pressure washing, on the other hand, is a high-pressure cleaning method that uses water to clean the surface of your home. This method is perfect for removing dirt, dust, and grime from surfaces that can withstand high pressure, such as concrete and asphalt.

It depends on the condition of your house. A professional pressure washer can do a great job of cleaning years of built-up dirt, mold, and grime from your home. However, if your house is in good condition and doesn’t have any major problems, then a low-pressure cleaning may be all you need.


A professional pressure washer uses much more water pressure than a regular garden hose, so it can be more effective at removing dirt and debris. But if you’re not comfortable using a high-pressure washer or don’t have the time to do it yourself, then hiring a professional is definitely the way to go.


Additionally, a professional pressure washer can do a much better job than you can. They have the experience and the equipment to get your house clean without causing any damage. Plus, they will be able to clean all those hard-to-reach places that you can’t reach on your own. So if you’re looking for a thorough and professional cleaning, hiring a professional pressure washer is definitely worth it.

When hiring an exterior cleaner, it’s important to make sure that they have the experience necessary to do the job well. In particular, you’ll want to ask about their experience with cleaning windows, pressure washing, and/or roof cleaning.


You’ll also want to be sure that the cleaner is insured and has a good reputation. Ask for references and/or reviews from past clients to get a better idea of what to expect.


These tips were provided by our good friends at A+ Power Washing!

The best way to clean a roof is with a soft wash roof cleaning. Soft wash roof cleaning is the best way to clean your roof without damaging the shingles or tiles. It’s also the safest way to clean your roof, as it uses low-pressure water instead of high-pressure water. This prevents any damage from happening to your roof and keeps your home looking new for years to come.


Special thank to our roofing friends at T. Reynolds Roofing for sharing these tips! For more information check out their website: treynoldsroofingllc.com.

Gutters should ideally be cleaned twice a year, although some people do it more or less often depending on their particular situation.


If you have a lot of trees nearby, then your gutters will likely need to be cleaned more often, as the leaves and other debris can quickly clog them up. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage to your home, as well as creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Cleaning the gutters is a quick and easy way to prevent these problems. On the other hand, if you live in a relatively windy area and there isn’t a lot of foliage nearby, then you may only need to clean them once a year.


If you’re not comfortable cleaning your gutters yourself, you can hire a professional gutter cleaning service to do the job for you.


Special thanks to Performance Window Cleaning for sharing this information! You can learn more about them here: https://www.performancewindowcleaning.ca/.

If you’re pressure washing brick, there are a few things to watch out for:

1. Don’t use too high of a pressure as this can cause the brick to erode and crumble. Always test the pressure washer on a hidden area of the brick before starting to clean. The high pressure can remove the mortar between the bricks and cause them to fall apart.
2. Don’t get the water too close to the edges of the bricks. You don’t want it to seep in and cause damage from the inside.
3. Be very careful around windows and other delicate features on your home. You don’t want to blast them with water and end up with broken glass!
4. Use a detergent or cleaner that is designed for cleaning brick, as regular household cleaners can damage the surface of the brick. Be sure to rinse the brick thoroughly after cleaning.

And if you’re not sure which cleaner is safe to use or how much pressure to use, it’s always best to hire a professional.


Thank-you to The Pressure King in Nashville for providing these valuable tips!

Having your patio professionally power washed offers many advantages. Power washing involves using a powerful stream of water which is sprayed onto surfaces to remove dirt, grime, debris, and other contaminants. This makes it an ideal cleaning solution for patios and can be especially advantageous when dealing with brick or concrete patios.

Power washing brick or concrete patios gives them deep clean that goes beyond what traditional methods such as scrubbing can achieve. It blasts away embedded dirt and grime from the surface of the patio and removes mold, mildew, pollen, and algae that can cause staining or discoloration over time.

Power washing also helps protect the patio from further damage due to moisture build-up or weather elements like sun exposure or snow/rain buildup which can lead to cracks in brickwork or spalling (flaking) of concrete surfaces over time. Regular power washing helps preserve the condition of your patio by keeping contaminants away from mortar joints between bricks as well as helping prevent standing water on concrete surfaces that could lead to freezing/thawing damage during colder months.

In addition to aesthetic benefits such as improved curb appeal and increased property value due to better upkeep, regular power washing will help extend the life span of your investment in a patio by removing unsightly dirt buildup before it has a chance to cause more serious long term problems down the road due to aging materials becoming weakened by trapped dirt.

Yes, you should absolutely consider using commercial pressure washing services for your business. Professional power washing can have a huge positive impact on the overall look and cleanliness of your facility or building. In addition to making it look better, it also helps improve safety and protect against damages caused by dirt and grime buildup over time.

Pressure washing is much more potent than traditional cleaning methods such as mopping or wiping down surfaces with a rag and soap, which means that you’ll get a much deeper and effective clean in less time. This will save you both money and energy in the long run since chemical-free commercial cleaning solutions are used rather than harsh chemicals that can be damaging to both surfaces as well as people working around them. Another great benefit of professional power washing is that it eliminates mold spores from growing which can lead to respiratory issues if left untreated for too long.

Finally, pressure washers provide an extra layer of protection against destruction caused by corrosion due to water damage or air pollution build up like dirt particles settling on outdoor surfaces like sidewalks driveways etc.. So not only will you have better looking facilities but also ones that last longer!

Thank you to our friends at Johnny Tsunami for providing the information!

When it comes to deciding on soft washing or pressure washing a deck, there are several factors to consider. Soft washing involves using cleansers, whereas pressure washing relies on high-pressure water that can cause damage if not used correctly. Generally speaking, soft washing is the preferred approach to clean a deck because it’s more gentle and effective at lifting dirt and algae away. Hiring a professional team of soft washers near you is also a great option. Not only does this ensure the job gets done correctly with minimal effort for you, but it also keeps your deck in top shape for longer periods of time.

Thank you to our friends at Heavenly Sunshine Property Services for this great answer!

Pressure washing is a great way to keep surfaces clean, but it’s important to know the difference between a commercial and residential pressure washer. Commercial washers are larger, more powerful and often require soft wash techniques. These soft wash techniques, along with the extra power of commercial machines, make them perfect for large businesses or organizations such as churches and schools. Pressure washers used at home are much smaller and are designed specifically for light cleaning jobs around the house. They also come equipped with safety features that help protect homeowners from hurting themselves while operating the machine. Professional power washing companies have both types of pressure washers available so they can tackle any size job!

Thank you to our friends at PowerWashing Kings for this great content!

Cleaning your windows professionally should be done at least once a year. This ensures that all dirt, dust, and grime are removed from the panes so that you can have a clear view of the outdoors. Professional window cleaning companies will use specialized tools and products to get rid of any stubborn buildup on the windows as well as reach hard-to-access areas. When hiring a window cleaning service, it’s important to make sure they are fully insured so that in case of an accident or damage, you won’t be liable for any costly repairs.

The frequency at which windows should be cleaned depends on their location in relation to the environment; if they’re located near trees or industrial sites with high levels of pollutants then they may need more frequent cleanings. Windows located near bodies of water may also require more frequent cleanings due to salt deposits from spray from the ocean. You may also want to consider having professional window cleaners come out twice per year if these conditions exist around your home or office building since these conditions can cause extra wear and tear on window surfaces over time.

If you don’t clean your gutters, you may be setting yourself up for major problems—including costly repairs down the road. According to professional gutter installers and repair technicians, when your gutters are clogged and water is not drained properly, there can be a variety of consequences that can cause serious damage to both the inside and outside of your home. 


First off, clogged gutters will prevent water from draining away from your house as it should. When this happens, excess rainwater will flow into areas near the foundation of your home or onto walkways surrounding it. This can cause serious issues with erosion and even flooding in some cases. What’s worse is that the water then has an easier path into any cracks or open spots in your foundation walls because it has nowhere else to go—leading to expensive leaks inside your basement or crawl space if left unchecked long enough. 


Additionally, when moisture gets caught inside roof valleys or on top of roofing due to backed-up stagnation from blocked gutter systems, you run a greater risk for developing mold growth as well as higher moisture levels within attic spaces—which feed mildew irritation in residents living below those spaces over time. Not only does this lead to air quality concerns but also energy loss since warm air naturally rises through those same openings (meaning more money spent on heating bills).


Special thanks to our friends at RJ’s Gutter Cleaning for sharing this information about the importance of gutter cleaning!

Yes, there is a difference between power washing vs pressure washing. Power washing uses hot water to deeply clean surfaces and remove tough residues, while pressure washing uses high-pressure streams of cold water for surface cleaning.


Power washing typically requires the use of professional grade equipment to ensure that the job is done efficiently and safely. This includes commercial grade pumps with higher PSI (pounds per square inch) ratings and adjustable nozzles to control the heat output from the machine’s burner. Pressure washers use components like low-pressure rotating nozzles which spin at a high speed in order to create highly effective jets of cold water which can remove debris or build up without damaging surfaces like paint or siding on homes.


Overall, both methods are great for deep cleaning outdoor surfaces in an efficient manner; however, if you require more serious jobs then it would be wise to consult with a professional power washer who can assess your specific situation and determine what type of cleaning would be most effective for your needs.

Finding an affordable pressure washing service can be a difficult task, as it often involves a significant investment. However, there are several steps you can take to ensure you get the best possible results while keeping your cost down.


First, do some research online and check out reviews for local pressure washing companies in your area to find one with the right expertise and track record of success. This will help ensure that the service is professional and reliable. You should also make sure they use quality products and services tailored to meet your needs; look for companies that offer free consultations or estimates so you can compare prices before making a decision.


Once you have identified potential providers, ask them how long they’ve been in business, their qualifications for proper maintenance techniques, whether any special licenses or insurance coverage is needed for the job, what kind of warranty is included with their services if any, etc. Additionally, make sure to inquire about payment options such as discounts or financing plans–these could save you money in the long run depending on the scope of work required (for instance if multiple areas need cleaning).


Finally, consider signing up for a regular maintenance plan with your chosen provider if available; this could provide further savings over time by allowing more time between each session which would require less labor hours ultimately reducing costs overall. Taking these steps can help ensure that you get quality service at an affordable price when it comes to finding an effective pressure washing solution!

This information was provided by Smooth Flo Soft Wash!

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